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GFC Actions

Geoengineering Free Canada is taking action. We 100% combat chemtrails, weather modification and geoengineering in Canada and around the world.

Climate Change and Zero Carbon Dioxide is NONSENSE

FOI - Freedom Of Information

We have currently filed 5 FOI

1. Transport Canada - information here

2. Environment Canada - in progress - 120 days extension

3. The Canadian Military - in progress

5. Air Canada and Westjet - in progress (52).png

Contact your MLA, MP, Firefighters and others

Sample letter to the Wildland Firefighters (51).png


1. Snow samples - information here

2. Setting up an account with a lab in Kelowna BC for various samples - in progress



Events in various cities/towns - click here for information

Past Events



We are in contact with lawyers and put together a legal team - in progress

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